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>> sexta-feira, 6 de janeiro de 2012

I know that I've been too far away from here since the x-mas eve. But my life has been too busy for the last 2 weeks. I'll be back soon with a lot of news about my trip to Madeira Island during the last days of 2011 and my trip to Lisbon in the next weekend...

But, above all, I want to really thank for visiting me every day - the blog has a medium of 500 visits per day! 

P.S. - this time is for real!

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Catarina Coelho 6 de janeiro de 2012 às 10:22  

andavas desaparecida, já sentia falta :)

Filipa 8 de janeiro de 2012 às 12:16  

Também quero uma trip to Lisbon no proximo weekend.. :(

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