Let's talk about tinted moisturizer!

>> sábado, 14 de janeiro de 2012

I'm a true freshman when it comes to makeup, but I'll do my best because I was highly encouraged by Catarina
 Here's the thing, I don't like to see me with foundation, because I don't feel like myself on the mirror. I've very few imperfections - thanks god I love you - and with foundation I feel old and unnatural. So, for too long, I wore makeup without giving any kind of glow to my face. In the middle of december, my mother took my sister and I to the mall in order to buy a true foundation for each one of us. And that was the day where I found the tinted moisturizers. So I asked for a foundation that looked natural without being too heavy and was easy to apply. And the shop assistant said: "You don't know tinted moisturizers? You are describing them!". 
And no, I didn't know at that what moment which are them. I bought the HydraQuench Tinted Moisturizer from Clarins and I'm in love with it. It's so easy to apply and the skin looks so natural with it that it's perfect to use everyday. You don't have to waste much time in the morning or use brushes to apply it. The simple way to use it is applying it after your moisturizing cream, then apply a little of compact powder and it's done!

I hope you enjoyed this my first review!

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Catarina Silva 14 de janeiro de 2012 às 20:37  

AAAAH, finalmente a review! estive quase quase para comprar essa, mas não tinha o meu tom! comprei da clinique e espero ter boas coisas para dizer sobre ele. vou experimentar os tinted moisturizers e se não gostar a culpa é tua :p

Rita Carvalho 14 de janeiro de 2012 às 21:41  

Espero que gostes tanto como eu :D

Marta Martins 17 de janeiro de 2012 às 21:45  

Gosto, já estou s seguir o blog , segues o meu ?

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