A simple way to use your hair - tutorial nº2

>> sábado, 2 de julho de 2011

Tools: light holding styling mousse, comb, small clear elastic and a large bobbypin.


1. Apply a light holding styling mousse all over from roots to ends for texture and seperation. Hair can be damp or dry. (If it’s dry, be sure it’s a light holding mousse or you could end up with a strong holding mess.)

2. Separate the hair over your shoulder into two pieces. The piece from the back should come forward and down (see photo).

3/4.  Using your girl scout skills, tie hair into a simple knot.

5. Secure the two ends together using a clear elastic. Once it’s in there, slide it up underneath the knot to conceal it.

6.  I like to throw a bobby pin in there for extra security.

7.  Back comb the ponytail a little for texture and then comb through it with your fingers to settle it.

Tip: Once the steps are complete, tug on it and mess it up a bit. This look is better when it’s a little disheveled!

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'Mimi 2 de julho de 2011 às 19:47  

Adorei :D
acho que amanhã é isso que faço para ir para a praia ;)

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